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1923 Ford Model-T Open Express Woodie Pickup, National AACA Senior winner, only $12,500.00

1923 Ford Model-T Open Express Woodie Pickup, National AACA Senior winner, only $12,500.00

This 1923 Model T Ford Open Express Woodie Pickup is a Beautiful Girl!! I would like to tell you about my Mom’s 1923 Ford Model-T Woodie Pickup. But Old Cars Weekly did a better job than I can. Click on the following link and see the wonderful article they did about my Mom’s Model T. You may have to cut and paste it into your browser window.

My Dad, a home building contractor and a woodworker, had built a similar Open express pickup to this one in the early 70′s. He had a 4 by 4 inch photo of a body that was built by a Ford licensed body company in North Carolina.  He used this photo to custom build the body out of Oak wood.  Like so many things he does, he cut a duplicate set of wood when he built the first truck. Mom and Dad showed that truck at shows all over the south. He sold that first truck in the late 70′s. Mom really got mad when Dad sold it.  He told her that he would build another one just like it, but nicer, and it would be hers and never be sold. Construction of this truck was completed in 1983.  Dad used all New Old Stock sheet metal that he had accumulated over the years to build this truck.  This beauty received its AACA First Junior Award the first time it was shown in 1983 in Rome, Georgia.  The second time it was shown was in Daytona, Florida where it received its AACA First Senior Award that same year.  In 1985 it was invited to the AACA Grand National meet in Asheville, NC. Grand National meets are where only Senior Award winning cars are invited to participate.  There it took a second place award.  It has been shown in national competition on numerous occasions and has won about a dozen preservation awards.  Winning a preservation award means that every time it is shown and meets AACA standards, it gets another award, in spite of the fact that every time it is shown, it gets knocked points for paint because the body is supposed to be painted green instead of finished natural.  My Dad said that he would be damned if he was going to paint that pretty oak wood green.  It has spent it’s entire life, other than when it went to shows, in my Dad’s private Museum. My Mom passed away just before Christmas in 2005, and I lost my Dad on tax day in April of 2010.  I recently got the T out of Dad’s Museum where it had been setting for almost 10 years, got it back to running and drove it around a little.  It did have a small leak in the radiator after setting for so long.  I hope to find it a new home, hopefully in a nice museum, with someone who would love and care for it like my Mom and Dad did.  It comes with a South Carolina Title.  I will consider a serious offer or an interesting trade.

Give me a call so we can talk about how we can make my car yours.  I feel that my price of $12,500  is very realistic for a collector car like this one with the potential that this vehicle has. Let’s talk!!! I sure would love to make this Classic yours, what can I do to make that happen?  If this Classic is the car of your dreams, then the best time to buy it is before someone else does, NOW is the time.  The customer who looked at it yesterday and said “I will buy it tomorrow“ may buy it today while you are waiting to buy it tomorrow.  Do not wait another minute, give my a call right NOW so we can make this beauty yours, RIGHT NOW.  You will be GLAD that you did!!!

We specialize in Father and son restoration projects, however, we do have some very nice vehicles that are ready to go to the show or cruise in. We are located in the north western part of South Carolina, 20 minutes south east of Greenville. We would like to invite you to drop by any time and take a walk through our Field of Dreams. You may just find that car of your dreams. If you are looking for anything in particular, just let us know, we may know where your dream car is.  I hope to see you soon. Give me a call on my toll free number at 1-866-942-7716 so we can talk, person to person, about this car. If you happen to be out of our toll free calling area, call us on our regular number at 1-864-862-4423. We ship all over the world at your expense.  We have shipped to 31 foreign countries and more than 85% of the states.  We always have dozens and dozens of collector cars available for sale at all times. Click on the directions button at the top of the page to get driving directions from just about anywhere.


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